HOS101 Food and Beverage Operations Management 代写

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HOS101 Food and Beverage Operations Management 代写

HOS101 Food and Beverage Operations Management
The key focus of this subject is to broaden students understanding of the operational aspects of food and beverage management, whilst giving them the opportunity to learn, develop and apply theories, concepts and skills in a practical environment.
Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this unit, students should be able to demonstrate, in the appropriate context, the ability to:
a. Apply the knowledge and skills required to advise and serve customers in food service outlets.
b. Compare and contrast the differing styles and formality of service for a range of food and beverage service situations.
c. Discuss the importance of hygiene and occupational health and safety legislation and apply to food and beverage operations.
d. Evaluate the requirements for professional beverage outlet management.
e. Evaluate and demonstrate interpersonal skills required to work as a member of a food and beverage service team.
f. Apply the skills, techniques and methods for food production in a commercial culinary environment.
g. Analyse the complex nature and the inter relationships of food, wine and beverage service.
h. Assess and apply the necessary skills for control, billing and accounting procedures in food service operations.

Assessment Type Due Weighting Learning Outcomes
(1,500 words)
Week 9
Thursday 16th March - 2017 11.59pm
a, b, e, g
Applied skills
Weeks 5 – 10 40%  
a, b, c, d, e, f
Exam Exam week 40% g, h and any of b, c, e

Presentation Guidelines - The report must include:
-          Executive Summary
-          Table of Contents
-          Topic titles and content clearly defined (as per the assignment brief questions)
-          In-text referencing
-          Reference list (using referencing as per the BMIHMS referencing guide)
NOTE: The list of references, the table of contents and the executive summary is NOT included in the word count. 
How the assignment is marked:
Please see the marks rubric on SSIS. Note that 80% of the assignment marks are for content and reflection and 20% of the assignment marks are for Executive Summary and presentation, (format, grammar, word count etc).
20% of Final Grade
Assessment Brief
You have been appointed Head Sommelier of at your selected restaurant. The existing wine list is due for an update and you are responsible for compiling a new wine list from scratch from the provided wholesale portfolio.
Take into consideration the location, caliber, and clientele of your restaurant while selecting the wines.
Select one of the following Hotels/Restaurants from the list below, and find it on the Virtual Field Trip Website:http://www.virtualfieldtrips.edu.au
Sofitel Brisbane
Esquire Restaurant
InterContinental, Double Bay
HOS101 Food and Beverage Operations Management 代写
Part A -Compile
Your beverage list must contain the following:
20 wines-including sparkling wines, red and white table wines, and dessert wines
10 Beers-including imported, domestic, and craft
5 Cocktails-including classic, variations, and modern
List pricing for all of your beverage selections with the appropriate mark up
Part B-Match Drinks with appropriate menu items
Evaluate both the wine list and menu then match appropriate wine with the menu. You must include matches for two entrée dishes, two main dishes, and two desserts. Your recommendations will be assessed on the appropriateness of the drink to the menu item.
Part C-Report
Reflect and report on your research, while justifying your selections. Your report should outline the following:
•       Reasons for your beverage selections
•       Justification of your wine matches
•       The importance of food and wine matching

HOS101 Food and Beverage Operations Management 代写