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“A thing of beauty is a joy forever”are John Keat’s famous words. Then what gives us the sense of beauty in a lyric poem about nature? Of course it is the main figure of the poem. In fact a poet is some thing like a sculptor that uses the knife to carve out a beautiful statue; a poet is some thing like a painter painting a beautiful picture in front of us, which we appreciate very much; a poet is some thing like a ian that writes a pleasant song for our ears. Shelly is such kind of person, in his famous work Ode to the West Wind he creates a life-like west wind which destroys the old things and preserves new ones. When we read the poem we can easily visualize the sound of it. Instead of describing the west wind simply, the author gives the west wind the spirit of a revolutionist. That is why this poem is still popular after hundreds of years.
   Shelly was born of noble blood and received good education at school. He was not only interested in philosophy, literature, but also interested in natural . He had a radical mind that was the reason why he was expelled from Oxford University after his book The Necessity of Atheism, 1811 published. In 1812 he wrote a book named Address to the Irish people, 1812 and he took money from his own pocket to print it and handed them out in Dublin Street. He was a man who loved other people very much. His friend Byron called Shelly “the best and lest selfish I ever know.” His wife Mary Shelly wrote: “Shelly loved the people; and respected them as often more virtuous, as always more suffering, and therefore more deserving of sympathy, than the great. He believed that a clash between the two classes of society was inevitable, and he eagerly ranged himself on the people’s side.” (刘炳善,1993:290)He hated the oppressors and exploiters of people very much, but unfortunately such kind of good man was drowned in July 8,1822 when he was sailing in a small boat along in Italy. That year he was only 30.
   His famous poem Ode to the West Wind was finished during that time in Italy in 1819, influenced by three reasons as follow:
1.) He didn’t recover from his pain that he lost his daughter in 1819.
2.) Manchester Massacre in July 16,1819 Britain radicals and workers about 80,000 people were gathered on Manchester’s St. Peter Square, asking the government for reforming the congress and abolish the cereal rule that makes the price of grain so high. Instead of cancel the rule, Britain government send the cavalryman to suppress this movement, cause 11 people death, 40,000 people wound. When the news spread into Italy Shelly got angry about the government.
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“美的事物是永恒的快乐”是约翰·杰的这句名言。那么什么让我们对大自然的一首抒情诗的美感?当然,这是主图的诗。其实是一个诗人是一些东西就像一个雕刻家,使用刀能开出美丽的雕像,诗人是一个画家画一幅美丽的画卷在我们面前,我们非常欣赏这样一些事情,一个诗人是一些这样的事情一个伊恩写入一个愉快的歌曲,为我们的耳朵。 ,Shelly是什么样的人,在他的著名作品西风颂“,他创建一个栩栩如生的西风,这破坏了旧的东西,并保存新的。当我们读到这首诗中,我们可以很容易地想象它的声音。的描述西风简单,而是笔者给出西风一个革命家的精神。这就是为什么这首诗是历经数百年依然流行。
   雪莉出生高贵的血液,并收到了良好的学校教育。他不仅在哲学,文学感兴趣,但也有兴趣在自然。他有一个激进的头脑,那是他被开除的原因,从牛津大学后,他的书无神论,1811年出版的必要性。 1812年,他写了一本书,名为Address的爱尔兰人,1812年,他从自己的口袋里拿钱,将其打印出来,并交给了在都柏林街。他是一个人,谁爱其他的人非常多。他的朋友拜伦称为雪莉“最好以免自私的,我永远不知道。”他的妻子玛丽·雪莱写道:“雪莉爱过的人,尊重他们往往更良性,总是更多的痛苦,因此,更值得同情的,比大。他认为,这两个社会阶层之间的冲突是不可避免的,他热切介乎自己人民的一面“。(刘炳善1993:290)他恨压迫者和剥削的人非常多,但遗憾的是这样的一种好男人8,1822 7月,当他被淹死在一条小船沿着意大利航行。那年他只有30。
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