assignment essay 和 report的区别代写论文

发布时间:2019-10-19 16:46
Assignment Our assignment is usually divided into two forms, one essay, one report. Both vary in form, but much the same. An assignment above written essay or report format will make specific demands. Read topic, please try carefully. The same point: 1, font: Times New Roman, font size: small four, line spacing: 1.5 times. Please have put these formats before writing a good tune, then tune will be written in order to avoid some unexpected situation. 2, interlaced between paragraphs. Chinese writing is not required as each did two spaces, but directly write the top grid. Here there are some similarities, I discussed separately in both sports, and then involved. Difference: Essay:       Essay writing is relatively report to be simpler. Usually consists of three parts, Introduction, Main Body, Conclusion. Introduction, including background information and articles on topic of the main problems to be solved. Generally about 10% of the total number of words. Main Body is the main part, about 80% of the total number of words. If the title made ​​specific requirements, subject mentioned under several aspects can be discussed individually. Some questions did not make specific requirements, based on his idea to write. But requires logic. Conclusion is also accounted for 10% in this period where the main point of the article with one or two sentences summed up. Essay questions can not write, do not put subheadings bold. Reference two forms of writing is to be involved, and I said on the last detail. Report:     It is written in general and essay almost, but asked to be stricter. First: the title page: including the title and executive summary. In Executive summary is a summary of the article. We all know how to write I will not say more. These two things alone accounted for a general Second: the main part. Report of the body parts, the first three and essay almost, but is also part of the conclusion after recommendations. Issues raised is recommended.       If there is no separate title requirements, generally in accordance with these parts to write, but some questions will be provided for. Click the title required to write several parts which to write.

作业 我们的作业通常分为两种形式,一是作文,一份报告。这两种不同的形式,但大同小异。作业上面写论文或报告格式,将作出具体的要求。阅读题目,请慎重尝试。 相同点: 1,字体:宋体,字体大小:小四,行距1.5倍。请写一个好的调之前,已经把这些格式,然后调会写,以避免一些意外的情况。 2,段落之间交错。中国写作是不需要每个做两个空格,而是直接顶格写。 这里有一些相似之处,我单独讨论在这两个运动,然后介入。 不同之处: 随笔: 征文相对简单报告。一般包括三个部分,引言,主体,结论。介绍,包括背景信息和文章主题要解决的主要问题。通常为约10%的总单词数。为主体的主要部分,大约80%的总字数。如果标题提出了具体的要求,下提到的几个方面的主题,可以单独讨论。有些问题没有作出具体规定,根据他的想法写。但需要逻辑。结论也占了10%,其中主点的文章用一两句话总结了在这一时期。 作文题可以不写,不要把副标题大胆。 参考两个书面形式的参与,和我说的最后细节。 报告: 这是写在一般和作文差不多,但要求更严格。 第一:标题页:包括标题和内容提要。执行摘要的文章的摘要。我们都知道该怎么写,我就不多说了。这两件事情就占了一般 第二:主要部分。举报身体各部位,前三和作文差不多,但也有一部分的建议后得出的结论。建议提出的问题。 如果是没有单独的标题要求,一般按照这些部件来写,但有些问题将提供。点击标题,要求写哪几个部分来写。