Behavioural Rubric for Major Assignment代写

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Behavioural Rubric for Major Assignment代写
Imagine you are the new Marketing Coordinator at Robern Menz. You have been allocated to assist with the FruChocs marketing specifically. Robern Menz has 150 years of tradition and is a family business spanning over four generations. Today, Robern Menz employs over 80 staff. It has three retail outlets across South Australia, i.e. Glynde, Hahndorf and McLaren Vale, and distributes throughout all major retailers. Robern Menz is the largest manufacturer of Choc Honeycomb in Australia and produces iconic products like FruChocs and Crown Mints.
Your boss has identified the need to promote FruChocs in a very competitive confectionary market. She informally briefs you that they would like to build awareness of this product and generate interest to attract new customers, particularly young females within the 20-35 age bracket. She also wants the campaign to focus on South Australia specifically. She recently attended a marketing conference where some speakers were talking about the importance of targeting a specific group of customers, differentiation and building strong USPs. Your boss feels that FruChocs needs to work on this and is seeking your advice on whether this is necessary. The budget for the campaign is $75,000, a figure she’s based on last year’s budget plus media inflation costs. In terms of media, your boss has already decided that a print campaign would be the best option. She wonders whether there are particular things that should be included in the print ad.
Your boss sees you as knowledgeable about advertising so wants to see both your academic thinking and practical suggestions for FruChoc’s advertising. She asks you to critique the briefing information and provide some suggestions on:
• Your recommended strategy/ tactics for the advertising campaign
• Your justification of how you think the campaign will work (based in relevant theory and credible literature)
• How you want the campaign to look and feel (based on what you know about how advertising does and doesn’t work and what you know about commissioning great advertising)
• Target audience (i.e would you suggest any alterations)
• Differentiation and USPs (i.e. should FruChocs focus on these)
• Media (i.e. is print the best way to go and broad media recommendations for future advertising.) NB: this is not a media planning course but you should be able to make broad recommendations based on the material in this course.
• Budget (i.e. budgeting method and amount)
• Timing issues (i.e. scheduling method)
• Any other aspects that should be considered in order to provide FruChocs with a good advertising campaign.
While you are under the direction of your boss, remember as a marketer it is your job to raise issues/critique (justification based on theory) any anomalies that you see in the brief.
In terms of format and style the presentation component of this assignment should look like a ‘real’ professional response to your employer. Hence it should demonstrate rational thinking, flow well and show a succinct/well written argument. You do, however, have flexibility in the overall style (i.e. does not have to be academic essay style), but again remember this is a real response and will be marked on realism.
Behavioural Rubric for Major Assignment代写