Food Connect Brisbane Business Analysis Report代写

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Food Connect Brisbane Business Analysis Report代写

Choose one of the topics below and identify potential challenges for the company that relate to it (strengths and weaknesses)

Topic 1: Sustainability
Topic 2: Innovation
Topic 3: Stakeholder Engagement

The Business Case Study Visit: Food Connect  

Food Connect Brisbane is a social enterprise founded in 2005 by ex2dairy farmer Robert Pekin, who was forced off his dairy farm in the late 1990s and since then has been on a mission to create a fairer food system.  We ethically and transparently engage local farmers to supply ecological food that is in season and super fresh and we pay them about four times the amount of the big food chains, so more of your dollars go directly to the growers. Their beautiful produce is then delivered all over Brisbane for everyone to enjoy. At Food Connect, local actually means local: our fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products and bakery items travel no more than 400 kilometres before getting to your door, that’s why we can guarantee superior quality, freshness and a reduced impact on the environment.  

Food Connect Brisbane Business Analysis Report代写

食品连接布里斯班是一家由前2代农民罗伯特·佩金(robert pekin)于2005年创办的社会企业,他在上世纪90年代末被迫离开了自己的奶牛场,此后一直致力于建立一个更公平的食品体系。我们以道德和透明的方式让当地农民供应适期、超新鲜的生态食品,我们支付给他们的价格是大型食品链的四倍左右,所以你们的钱更多地直接流向种植者。他们美丽的产品随后被送到布里斯班各地,供大家享用。在Food Connect,Local实际上意味着Local:我们的新鲜水果和蔬菜、乳制品和面包店产品在到达您家门口之前的行程不超过400公里,这就是为什么我们可以保证高品质、新鲜度和减少对环境的影响。

 Knowledge & Technical Skills KS  Demonstrate and apply integrated & advanced discipline and professional practice knowledge, including knowledge of relevant research principles & methods; 2.1 Higher Order Thinking Skills HO  Critically investigate real world business issues and problems drawing on analysis, evaluation & synthesis of discipline knowledge, including theory & practice; 3.1 Professional Communication PC  Use information literacy skills and communicate effectively and professionally in written forms and using media appropriate for diverse purposes, contexts and audiences 5.1 Social, Ethical & Global Understanding  SEG  Demonstrate and apply knowledge of ethical and legal principles and practices of business in critically analysing and effectively responding to complex business issues 

Food Connect Brisbane Business Analysis Report代写