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  • Globalization make the world become flat, turn the earth into a “village”. To the best of regional amplification is globalization. A golden ball in the local area of the butterfly effect expands to exotic locales, bring into the small bridge flowing water somebody else exotic amorous feelings.

    Globalization bring the United States financial crisis to the countries of the world, people pull the world economic crisis of the… , countries were present for “stimulus” policies to stimulate the economy, appeared in effective stimulus again after research how to “exit”. China with a proactive fiscal policy and loose monetary policy, growth, structural adjustment, enlarge domestic demand, effectively implement the “V” type economic growth responses.

    Globalization has two edges: let everybody Shared prosperity, and also make all the living beings crisis. In boom times, people praise dance of globalization; In a crisis, people are to challenge and the globalization of scale disease. After the crisis, we should have a more comprehensive understanding of globalization!

    1. How much impetus of globalization, there is much impact.

    Globalization carrier of the information flow, flow, commodity flow and Jin Rongliu (including the cash flow and various financial products).

    Top liquidity flow. Network into the flow of information opens the multidimensional space, global information flow just like us. Jin Rongliu has excellent liquidity. Modern financial markets as abundant financial products and innovative derivatives created the widely convenient channel. If the flow of information is “gas” state, Jin Rongliu is “liquid”

    State of the goods flow is solid, abortion is a “raw” state.

    Globalization has increased how many “flow”,finance代写, how many flow enhances the motivation, but also lie in how much wild and destructive power. Once these liquidity flood, people would be finance代写 struggling to cope with. report Globalization increases the extensive and convenient for the world of connectedness, shortening the distance between the space and time. However, globalization is in prosperity have how much effect, in struck the “flu”, it is infectious. The American financial crisis caused by the world economic recession is a good case in point.

    Globalization makes the world appeared a huge organism, report the influence of the local area will quickly spread to the whole. When we enjoy the achievements of globalization and efficacy, it may also have increased stress and risk of the system. Hundreds of billions of dollars of surplus, net exports of 50 million tons of steel, the market of the world is big too! Once the americans are cash-strapped, reduce consumption, the world demand, China’s exports shrank immediately. Seemingly far away cold, blink of an eye is blown to the front, the cold into musculoskeletal.

    2. Globalization is both an opportunity and challenge.

    Economic globalization began in commodity globalization, financial globalization, talents globalization, enterprise globalization way. Globalization bring each one historical opportunities, open the door of the future; For each enterprise provide wider to the world stage, opens unlimited space for development.

    But, who can truly grasp the opportunity and who can win in an unprecedented fierce competition, who can finally to enjoy the feast of globalisation. Otherwise, the only challenges posed by globalization and misfortune.

    Countries also is such. Globalization gives you an open world, you may also with an open country. WaiShangHui its shores, investment will follow, hot money will profit… , but you have to provide preferential policies to provide cheap land, tolerate some degree of emissions and resources dissipation… Globalization will bring the industry gradient transfer, the problem is to take what kind of food do you pick up the basket? Pick up food process is a process of industrial division and economic structure formation, is the process of the international division of labor: some countries try to become the world’s financial center, some countries become the factory of the world, some countries competing in the world of opportunity… China is one of the greatest achievements since the reform and opening “made in China”. “Made in China” has made the brilliant, also made a lot of trouble and problems. “Made in China” must shift to China since the building, from do JiaYiChang for foreigners to more make best selling goods, for the people to the excess capacity to rural, turned to the “urbanization” of infrastructure and supporting products. “Made in China” must be turned to the think tank made in China. The best transformation way of excess capacity is to improve production capacity, the sword refers to high-end; Jump out of the low level repeated production, malignant competition, the red sea, straight blue ocean sea in full sail to open up new space of greater value.