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Deadline Friday 20 August 2010 – Noon (hard copy and dropbox)
Postmark Deadline Wed 18 August
Ensure you enclose the marked version of your May report

Please read through your marked May report and act upon all the feedback provided.  If you are not able to collect this, please contact us ASAP to arrange for us to send it to you.    It is important that you do not repeat the same errors.  NB: this is not just a tidying up exercise; ideally you will be taking the May report and improving all the aspects that were poor.  It may be that your research questions needed clarifying, or your methods were not appropriate, or perhaps you failed to supply evidence of the research carried out.  In which case you must either adjust what you present, do different research or supply the missing data, questionnaires etc.

You are not obliged to use exactly the same title/industry, if you prefer to change.   But it is not recommended to alter your focus completely (unless of course you were told that what you submitted was wholly inappropriate).   In the time allowed, it would be hard to start something new, and it is vital that you pass the assessment this time.

Reflection: criterion 4 is worth 20%, yet many students lost a lot of marks in May because they did not reflect enough on the research methods and their pilot study.  In some cases they received no marks for that criterion, as they did not reflect nor did they put put any personal skills reflection or Action Plan in the appendices.   For this version of the report there must be a separate section in the main body where you reflect, not only on your methods etc, but also on why you did not pass this assessment the first time.   Link this in to the personal skills reflection and your action plan to take you through to the end of 2010.

Assessment Criteria for the Research Report
These are the same as for the May submission, but note the above requirements regarding reflection.   For guidance on style and format, please also see the module document.

If you have any queries, please contact Fiona Winfield: 0115 848 4350.  Please do not leave this till the last minute, as many staff will be on leave during August.